Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.) in Home Science (Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics)


Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.) in Home Science (Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics)

Duration: 3 Years Course - Affiliated to C.C.S University, Meerut
College Code - 619
No of Seats : 60

Clinical nutrition is the study of the relationship between food, good health and the application of these principles to the human body.  Nutritionists are interested in how environment affects the quality and safety of food and what influence these factors have on health and disease within the context of overall wellness.  The professionals in this field assess a person’s nutritional needs based on family and medical history, individual life style and laboratory tests. B.Sc. Home Science  is a six semester programme and the Courses taught in this programme include:

I Semester

  • English language and Communication skills
  • Communication & Instructional technology
  • Introduction to Human Development
  • Food Science
  • Human Physiology
  • Computer Basics
  • Environmental Science- Qualifying Paper
  • II Semester

  • Introduction to textile
  • Introduction to resource management
  • Applied Physics
  • Applied Chemistry
  • Sanitation and hygiene
  • Meal management
  • III Semester

  • Food commodities
  • Maternal & Child nutrition
  • Consumer Economics
  • Nutritional Biochemistry
  • Food Product Development & Sensory Analysis
  • Applied Life Science – I
  • Toppers(2016-17)