Consulting Center and Career Guidance



Career Guidance and Consultancy Centre:

The Department has a career Guidance and cousultancy Center.The center makes the students aware of new job opportunities and helps them in thier placement.Every year leading companies hold interviews for campus selection for various positions in their organizations.

To take up the managment of personal and stress related problems of students such as anxiety,tension,depression,mood disorders and personality related issues,this center has services of a clinical and physical and psychological counsellor.



Job Opportunities After Professional Courses


Computer Science
Home Science Biotechnology Journalism
1 System Analysts and Project Leader Registered Dietician in india & Abroad Drug and Pharmaceutical industries Journalist
2 Database Admin Dietician in Hospitals Food processing Copy writer
3 E-commerce Dietician in Corporate Offices Genetic Engineering Radion Jockey
4 Design support and data communications Dietician in Airlines sales and marketing jobs Advertisement
5 Govt.Jobs in railways,bank,etc Dietician in Yoga Center & Gyms Energy Management Editor in print media
6 Software Testing Research Assistants Teaching and Research Editor in Audio/Visual Media
7 Software Development Food Scientists Agriculture & Horticulture Public relation officer
8 hardware and Networking Food Analyst Liquor industry and portable alcohols Video Production
9 Teaching Assignments Teaching and Research Go for MBA or M.Sc Biotech Audio Production