Computer Laboratory

The Department of Professional Courses has two well equipped computer labs with 65 computers, advance HP Zeyon Server, internet facility with 2 Mbps lease line and softwares like Window SVR 2008 OLP NLAE , MS Visual studio PROO 2008 OLP NL AE, Quark Express, Sony Media Sound forge PRO 10.0, Stellar Phoneix, etc. To maintain the Computer Labs and to provide solutions to computer related problems, department has services of two part time hardware and software  experts.

Physics Laboratory

Physics Lab caters to students to Computer Science, Biotechnology and Home Science. This Lab has sophisticated equipments, such as digital electric circuit 1152,Spectrophotometers  TTL ME-734 , CMOS- 1 C M6 – 739T , Encoder & Decoder ME- 718, Bit Counter ME- 712, Diode and Zenner Diode ETB-51 FET Char with PSETB 53 , Mosfatcher ETB-78 etc.

Home Science Laboratory

This laboratory has all the facilities required at graduation level. Viz., cooking ranges, refrigerators , microwave, crockery, cutlery, food processors, etc. Besides, the department has collaboration with some leading  multi- specialty hospitals to provide practical training in clinical nutrition, dietetics and patient counselling.

Biotechnology Laboratory

Biotechnology laboratory has several instruments for advance level research. Besides biotechnology, this lab is also of great help for science students of all streams.Some of the equipments available in this lab are:

  • Double Beam UV-VIS spectrophotometer
  • Microprocessor based Refrigerated Centriguge
  • Polari meter
  • Colorimeter
  • Autoanalyser
  • CH-201 TR (Olympus) microscope with Image Analysis Software
  • Trinocular with Photographic attachment
  • pH meter
  • BOD incubator
  • Autoclaves
  • Inoculation chamber
  • Microtome
  • Refrigerator
  • Ovens,
  • Water bath
  • Electrical balance
  • UV Transilluminator
  • Laminar flow
Shortly PCR equipment is likely be added in this Lab.

Journalism & Mass Communication

For the proper training of MJMC Students, the department has well establishes studio with sony digital DCR DVD handicams, Sony ,Nikon digital cameras and sound mixers.The stdio is also equipped with softwares such as Quark Express, Coral Draw(Suite X4)visual studio, Sony media Sound Forge (pro 10.0AE),Adobe Photoshop etc.

It is equipped with latest PAS system, Panasonic LCD projector(PT LB51EA), DELL Vostrio Laptop, interactive panel(171A) and overhead projector.