Master in Journalism Mass Communication (MJMC)


Master in Journalism Mass Communication (MJMC)

Duration: 2 Years Course - Affiliated to C.C.S University, Meerut
College Code - 619
No of Seats : 30

In master degree the college provides education in both PRINT JOURNALISM AND ELECTRONIC JOURNALISM. In  print  journalism one  can work as editors, reporters, columnist,  correspondents, etc.  Electronic journalism includes working for Radio, Television  and the Web. In the web , skilled people are required to maintain sites by web newspapers . In electronic journalism one can be a reporter , writer, editor, researcher, correspondent and anchor.
The course is spread over  four semesters and the following courses are taught:

I Semester

  • Communication Concept and Process
  • IT and Computer Application in Mass Media
  • Language Skills in Mass Media (a. English, b. Hindi)
  • Society, Culture and Communication
  • Course related practicals
  • II Semester

  • Media Scenario: India and Abroad
  • Print Journalism (Reporting)
  • Print Journalism ( Editing and Layout)
  • Electronic Media- Ist ( Radio)
  • Course related practicals
  • III Semester

  • Electronic Media- IInd (TV)
  • Communication Research
  • Cyber Journalism
  •   Special Paper (any one of the following)
    1. Advertising and Public Relations
    2. Agri Journalism
    3. Environment Journalism
    4. Health communication
    5. Human Rights and Social Justic
    6. Sports Journalism
    7. Business Journalism
  • Course related practicals
  • IV Semester

  • Print Media Practicals
  • Electronic Media(Radio and TV) Practicals
  • Internship
  • Dissertation
  • Toppers(2016-17)